Drinking system for turkeys – initial and final phase

System advantages

  • nipple construction enables maintenance of a higher level of water in comparison with other similar drinking vessels,
  • system provides fresh water so that they are healthier and less stressed,
  • quantity of water appropriate to birds age and weight,
  • easy assembly and disassembly,
  • easy to keep clean.

Drinkers characteristics

  • in initial phase each drinker is designed to handle about 50 to 60 birds,
  • in final phase each drinker is designed to handle about 30 birds

Drinkers advantages

Initial phase

  • oval shape of a small bowl provides easy access to water,
  • drinkers design allows maintenance of dry litter,
  • stainless steel placed at the bottom of a drinker stimulates birds to search for water.

Final phase

  • a rounded shape lowers water splashing and thus prevents bedding moisture and provides excellent hygienic conditions.

Basic elements of drinking system for turkeys

  1. pressure regulator,
  2. spiral hose,
  3. drinking units,
  4. drinking line ending,
  5. hanging system of drinking line.

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