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Climate control

Driver SK 1-DNM-K is designed to control microclimate in poultry farms.


The driver and the BT-1/8 switching station provides a number of options in the control of ventilation and heating in these types of buildings. This driver is suitable for the climate control of each type of poultry breeding – broilers, broilers parent flock, turkeys, ducks, hens.


With the ability to connect the alarm center or siren signaling a power failure or break-down, breeder can sleep peacefully and not worry about his inventory.


Product characteristics

  • large and clear LCD display,
  • 3 button keypad,
  • three inputs for temperature sensors,
  • control output 0-10V to control air inlets, analog power blocks, analog relay boxes,
  • alarm output – can be connected to alarm control panel or directly to alarm siren,
  • relay outputs to control three-phase fans,
  • digital input-output to work with controller-dependent devices, such as digital power block BM2D, digital relay box BT1 / 8, driver of two lifts SW2,
  • the SPI expansion slot allowing extension of the controller opportunities with additional functions such as:
  1. additional digital input / output RS485 to cooperate with the central computer,
  2. additional outputs 0-10V (up to 4) with any assignment;
  3. an additional temperature sensor inputs (up to 4);
  • clock showing the current time and information whether there was a supply break since the last clock adjustment,
  • daily maximum and minimum temperature recorder (delete of entries from the previous day – every day at time set by the user),
  • function "temperature curve" allows to program, for a period of 10 to 60 days, a temperature, which is maintained in the room by controller (user determines the duration of the curve, the initial temperature, final temperature and start-up),
  • special mode "airing for cleaning", where the user determines the efficiency of ventilation regardless of the temperature,
  • special mode "inactive" suitable for rooms without stocking,
Nazwa sterownika SK1-DNM-K
ilość czujników temperatury 3
ogrzewanie podłogowe elektryczne  
ogrzewanie podłogowe wodne  
Nagrzewnica powietrza 2 grupy
Wentylator regulowany 1-fazowy  
Wentylator dodatkowy 1-fazowy, 3-fazowy 7 grup
Winda z potencjometrem  
Wyjście sterujące 0-10V +
Rozszerzenie mocy BM-2D +
Blok przekaźników BP-1/7 +
Wyjścia alarmowe +
Zdalne sterowanie RS485 +

Technical data


Type SK1-DNM-K
L Voltage Un 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Power consumption <8W
L' Regulated current 6A
OUT 0-10V Analog signal 0-10V
Output 1 isolated 230V/2A
Output 2 isolated 230V/2A
Alarm isolated 12V/2A


  • IP54 type of casing protection,
  • voltage 1~230V (-15% / +10%), 50Hz,
  • continuously adjustable output voltage 0/10-100% of the applied voltage,
  • temperature sensing range from 0°C to +75°C,
  • output 0-10V, 20mA max current short-circuit proof,
  • maximum permissible ambient temperature of 40°C,
  • minimum permissible ambient temperature - 20°C,
  • maximum relative humidity of 85%, the non-condensing,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • interference immunity in accordance with EN 61000-6-2,
  • harmonic currents in accordance with EN 61000-6-2, to a maximum of 4 A current limit values are maintained without restriction.

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