Tunnel ventilation system

Tunnel ventilation consists of the following elements Air inlets, air outlets, cooling panels.


Air inlets

Air inlets in chimney-tunnel ventilation are large apertures located at one end of the poultry house, curtains, flaps or shutters, which, thanks to the automatic regulation and control, provide a greater or lesser amount of air from the outside into the poultry house.


Air outlets

Air outlets are Master type fans with high efficiency, high air flow and low energy consumption, located at the opposite end of a poultry house relative to the air inlets, they are intended to drag air through the entire length of the poultry house and remove it outside.


Cooling panel 

This cooling system is based on the evaporation of water in the panels, made of specially shaped, impregnated paper cellulose. Higher temperature and lower relative humidity provides a better air cooling effect, because the pairing process is then much easier. Because of precisely intersecting grooves located in the panel, one has a high efficiency of evaporation and does not constitute resistance to air flow


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