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Lighting system, though often underestimated, can significantly affect the level of development of the poultry production efficiency and thus on its profitability.


Appropriate adjustment of light intensity and day light duration to the type and age of the birds improves daily gains and feed consumption rates per kilogram of gain, and reduces the level of poultry aggression.

Basic elements of lightning system

  • driver,
  • luminaires for fluorescent lamps,
  • fluorescent lamps.


Light intensity controller allows adjustment of light intensity to the type of rearing.


Product characteristics

  • fluent control of light intensity by changing the voltage output of 0 to 10V,
  • control of lights power - switching on and off,
  • able to program a specified light intensity and the speed of light changes,
  • possibility of programming day / night cycles with the timing of switching on / off and light levels

Lighting fixtures designed for fluorescent lights

Product characteristics

  • able to adjust the brightness of conventional 36W fluorescent lamps by 0-10V signal, intensity from 1% to 100%,
  • several times less energy consumption in comparison to incandescent lamps.

Compact fluorescent lamps

Product characteristics

  • rated power 36W,
  • light stream 3350 Im,
  • hue of light 830 – warm white

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