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Plastic profiles

Based on our expert knowledge and experience and taking into account the expectations and requirements of farmers we have prepared versatile fencing system technology for all groups of animals.


The modular structure of fencing system allows the construction of fencing to conform with the existing building conditions


Advantages of WESSTRON company fencing system

  • can maintain the maximum level of hygiene in piggeries,
  • use of the best materials guarantees durability of the system,
  • flexible design solutions enable quick and easy installation,
  • designed for all ages of animals.


Basic elements of fencing are

  • stall profiles made of PVC in gray color,
  • stall strengthening from stainless steel or galvanized,
  • fencing bars made of stainless steel or galvanized,
  • standardized installation of stainless steel.

PVC wall panels for pens

Our pen walls are composed of individual panels with a thickness of 35mm and height 200mm, made of high quality plastic resistant to chemicals. Profile has a tongue and groove for easy and quick assembly. Profile is attached to the post with machine bolts and step bolts.

We have in our offer panels wath a thickness of 35mm and height 500mm lub 750mm finished with smooth edges. They find their used in farrowing pens.

Strengthening of the stainless steel or galvanized pens

Reinforcements in the form of special pens bars are applied in large pens for bigger groups of fatteners or in group pens for sows. They guarantee more stable fencing.


Stainless and galvanized steel fencing bars

Bars of the WESSTRON company fencing system are available in the following sizes

  • 500mm,
  • 600mm,
  • 800mm,
  • 1000mm,
  • 1200mm.


Partitions for piglets, fatteners and sows in group pens are covered with galvanized steel pipe attached to bars with a 1 inch diameter stirrup bolts


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