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Ventilation is a very important issue of every livestock building.


All age groups of pigs react badly to very high content of harmful gases, low or high temperatures, high humidity and drafts. The most common problem in most piggeries is the excessive moisture. Walls, ceilings and floors become damp, which accelerates the degradation of the building. In livestock buildings it is important to ensure the optimum air exchange while maintaining all other parameters of atmosphere of piggery (humidity, temperature), as well as drainage of evolved carbon dioxide and ammonia. Lack of adequate amounts of fresh air strongly affects not only the decline in the welfare of pigs, but impairs physiological processes, reducing the production obtained results.


Forced ventilation


The use of forced ventilation makes its proper operation totally independent of the weather conditions outside the building, such as the strength and direction of wind, barometric pressure or temperature.


To provide necessary amount of fresh air to a group of animals, appropriate exhaust fans (removing exhaust air from the building) and downcast ventilators (supplying with fresh air) must be used.


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