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Heating pads

One of the most difficult tasks, which is met in the farrowing pens is to provide optimum heat for both piglets and sows. The use of heating devices in the form of the heating pads helps to maintain a high temperature for piglets while not overheating sows. Our offer includes heating pads made of different materials and of different sizes. They can be combined with underfloor system or imposed on slats.


Work of those devices is governed in a proper way by the control system, which reads through the thermal sensors and fluently controls the temperature of their thermal efficiency.


Advantages of the heating pads

  • effective heating of piglets throughout the breading period, which results in faster growth and lower morbidity rate,
  • even temperature distribution over the whole surface to be heated,
  • durability and reliability in operation,
  • easy to keep clean


Available heating pads


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