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Medicator DOSATRON

Medicator DOSATRON

is a product that works well for years in over 100 countries.


Owes its success to

  • precision,
  • simplicity of construction,
  • long-lasting.


Principle of operation

DOSATRON is connected directly with the water supply system, works without electricity, using only water pressure as an energy source. The water flow runs the dispenser, which accurately takes the set dose. The product is mixed with water inside the dispenser, and then introduced into the system. After setting the dosing range, the device does not require any control - dose will always be proportional, even in spite of fluctuations in pressure or flow of water

The accuracy of dosing excludes any risks associated with excessive administration of the preparation. Dispensed value is controlled by turning the adjusting ring so that its lower edge coincides with the required value on the scale. The amount of preparation is directly proportional to the amount of water coming in the DOSATRON.


Product characteristics

  • is intended to administration of medication and vitamins etc.,
  • seals are recommended not only for basic solutions but also acids (such as lactic acid, formic acid),
  • water flow intensity of 10 l / h to 2500 l / h,
  • pressure 0,3-6 bar,
  • solution concentration from 0.2% to 2%,
  • dosage from 0.02 l / h to 50 l / h.



To increase durability of Dosatron it is recommended to

  • install a strainer before medicator, depending on water quality,
  • replace the dosing seals at least once a year,
  • set the value of water supply before water under pressure will flow through the installation,
  • install necessary protections for excess flow, excess pressure and water hammer (pressure-reducing valves, hydraulic accumulators, etc.)

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