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Feeder for piglets and weaners

Specially designed to supplement piglets diet and accustom them to solid food without stress.


Advantages of the product

  • adapted to any type of flooring (made of plastic, concrete, etc.),
  • high-capacity container, thanks to its’ structure and angle of inclination ensures a good flow of feed,
  • transparent extension allows you to increase amount of feed and check the amount of feed at any time animals quickly accept the feeder and get used to it,
  • without corners which could gather the remains of feed,
  • easy to move from piggery to piggery (from one stand to another),
  • easy to clean and hygienic

Product characteristics

  • possibility of adjusting the dosage of food,
  • lid for easy access to the inside of the feeder,
  • lid is equipped with two wholes which enable connection with feeding line

Size and capacity


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