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Cooling system "Bryza"

The humidification and cooling of air in livestock buildings is to maintain the proper temperature and humidity in the building and also provides an easy and cheap way to reduce the temperature of the air. Both of these factors, humidity and temperature, have a significant impact on livestock which results in the economic efficiency of using such systems.


Principle of operation

Specially designed high-pressure pump compresses water to a pressure of about 70 bar, leading it to the nozzles. In the nozzles water turns into water mist and is shot in the surrounding air. In the process, water is immediately evaporated in the air, causing two important changes in the characteristics of air: it raises humidity and lowers its temperature.


Maximum drop in temperature possible to achieve is 10 degrees Celsius, and depends on many factors such as:

  • initial air humidity,
  • initial air temperaturę,
  • number of nozzles per air volume unit.


General construction

The system consists of two main units

  • high-pressure unit, which aims to produce high pressure water jets; the water is distributed to the nozzles,
  • atomizing nozzles, that distribute the water around the livestock building and produce fog.


Product characteristics

  • cooling and humidification system made of stainless steel nozzles,
  • refrigerant distributed around the room with plastic tubing,
  • possibility to fasten nozzles at any point,
  • easy to install,
  • controlled by the temperature and humidity sensor,
  • has a humidity and temperature sensor,
  • has a pressure sensor protecting system against leakage,
  • equipped with high-pressure pump,
  • one pump provides support for five rooms,
  • able to supply up to 180 nozzles at the same time,
  • prevents water condensation from the air after crossing the required cooling parameters.

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