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Microclimate control

Decisive impact on improving the efficiency of pig production is to create good conditions for the animals in accordance to the requirements of breeding. Due to the weather conditions, farm animals spend most of their lives indoors. Much of the breeding success depends on keeping most optimal, for a given technological group of animals, microclimate in livestock buildings.


Based on many years of experience we have developed a modular microclimate control system including different types of drivers.


The main task of the system is to keep in livestock buildings, at varying outdoor conditions, microclimate parameters selected by the user.


Controlled parameters are

  • humidity,
  • temperature.


The control system includes

  • smooth control of single-phase fans,
  • onoff control of three-phase fans,
  • smooth control of three-phase fans (in collaboration with inverter),
  • heating pads control,
  • water floor heating control,
  • air heaters control,
  • elevators opening and closing the flap curtain air inlet and outlet control,
  • cooling system control.


Microclimate control system characteristics

  • current output 6A or 10A,
  • ability to increase capacity up to 20A (power extension BM-2D),
  • three inputs for temperature sensors,
  • alarm output – can be connected to alarm control panel (with GSM module) or directly to alarm siren,
  • control output for:
  1. control of ventilation flaps,
  2. analog power blocks,
  3. analog transmitting boxes,
  • +24 V auxiliary output f.e. for the actuator of a mixing valve,
  • digital input-output to work with controller-dependent devices, such as digital power block BM2D, digital relay box BP1 / 7, driver of two lifts SW2,
  • the SPI expansion slot allowing extension of the controller opportunities with additional functions such as:
  1. additional digital input / output RS485 to cooperate with the central computer,
  2. additional outputs 0-10V (up to 4) with any assignment;
  3. an additional temperature sensor inputs (up to 4);
  • clock showing the current time and information whether there was a supply break since the last clock adjustment,
  • daily maximum and minimum temperature recorder (delete of entries from the previous day – every day at time set by the user),
  • function "temperature curve" allows to program, for a period of 10 to 60 days, a temperature, which is maintained in the room by controller (user determines the duration of the curve, the initial temperature, final temperature and start-up),
  • special mode "airing for cleaning", where the user determines the efficiency of ventilation regardless of the temperature,
  • special mode "inactive" suitable for rooms without stocking,
  • large and clear display,
  • simple and easy-to-use user menu,
  • software available in the following languages:
  1. Polish,
  2. English,
  3. German,
  4. Russian,
  5. Romanian.

There is a possibility of making a different language version on request.


Technical data concerning all drivers (except for SM-1)

  • IP54 type of casing protection,
  • voltage 1 ~ 230 V (-15% / +10%), 50Hz,
  • continuously adjustable output voltage 0/10-100% of the applied voltage,
  • temperature sensing range from 0°C to +75°C,
  • output 0-10V, 20mA max current short-circuit proof,
  • maximum permissible ambient temperature of 40°C,
  • minimum permissible ambient temperature -20°C,
  • maximum relative humidity of 85%, the non-condensing,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • interference immunity in accordance with EN 61000-6-2,
  • harmonic currents in accordance with EN 61000-6-2, to a maximum of 4 A current limit values are maintained without restriction.

We offer the following drivers models of climate controllers

3  3  3  3  3  3  2
podłogowe elektryczne
 2 oddzielne                    +
ogrzewanie podłogowe
   +        +          
Nagrzewnica powietrza
         +   2 grupy   
Wentylator regulowany


 +    +    +      
Wentylator dodatkowy

  2 grupy   + 2 grupy       +      
Winda z potencjometrem               2 oddzielne     
Wyjście sterujące 0-10V +  +  +  +  +  +  +  4 oddzielne  
Rozszerzenie mocy
+  +  +  +    
Blok przekaźników

Wyjścia alarmowe +  +  +  +  +  +  
Zdalne sterowanie RS485 +  +  +    +  +  

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