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Farrowing crate: angle ST1 type


  • length = 157 – 190cm
  • width = 56 cm, 64cm, 72cm, 79cm
  • weight of farrowing crate with trough - 85kg.


The angle farrowing crate ST1 is mounted with polyethylene angle trough. Trough has corner ferrule made of stainless steel protecting from biting edges of the trough. Angle trough capacity: 12l

Product characteristics

  • angular farrowing crate,
  • made of high-grade steel,
  • hot-dip galvanized,
  • fastened to the floor (concrete floor, slats) with two legs,
  • adjustable length and width of the frame,
  • solid and stable construction,
  • equipped with guard bar to avoid crushing piglets,
  • front of farrowing crate is mounted to the wall with special metal plates.

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