Saloon stall – designed for sows in the insemination section

The purpose of commercial production of pigs is to obtain, by reproduction of sows, the greatest number of healthy and vital piglets.


Proper care of the well-being of sows, which is possible by providing farmers full control over the animal, positively affects the process of ovulation and implantation of embryos and the number of piglets obtained from sows at one year.


Saloon stall enables effective and rapid insemination of sows.


  • length of 245 cm,
  • width from 55cm to 70cm,
  • total weight - 82kg.

Product characteristics

  • solid construction,
  • galvanized, 
  • complete stall with back gate consisting of two parts,
  • has the possibility to install the lock for small sows,
  • front leg is welded on permanently or mobile, back leg is movable for easy installation to the ground,
  • '"T" blocking of the back gate prevents opening the gate by the sow,
  • back gate is designed to facilitate the work of insemination, easy entry into the saloon stall without opening the gates.
  • easy to install.

Available in different versions

  • 2 movable legs (front and back),
  • legs made of stainless steel,
  • version with the front gate - sow comes into the saloon stall at the back and goes out at the front.

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