Short gestation stall for sows kept in groups

Keeping sows in groups is a friendly solution for animals. It improves the condition and the well-being of sows, which, as herd animals, feel better in social order built by themselves.


Maintaining sows in group does not only means welfare of animals but also has its economic justification. This solution is cheaper, due to the lower cost of group pens rather than individual stalls.


To meet market needs, have prepared modern fencing system for pregnant sows kept in groups. The main element of this system is a short gestation stall.



  • length 80cm (space for trough 40 cm),

Charakterystyka produktu

  • stall designed for section of sows in advanced pregnancy,
  • stall forces sows to stand perpendicular to the trough,
  • sows are separated while eating from the trough,
  • prevents aggression during feeding,
  • animals do not need to be trained to the system,
  • hot dip galvanized
  • easy to install.

Stalls are available in two types

  • angular with one or two legs,
  • straight with one or two legs.

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