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Cooling panels

This cooling system is based on the evaporation of water in the panels, made of specially shaped, impregnated paper cellulose. Higher temperature and lower relative humidity provides a better air cooling effect, because the pairing process is then much easier.


Because of precisely intersecting grooves located in the panel, one has a high efficiency of evaporation and does not constitute resistance to air flow


Product characteristics

  • housing made if stainless steel,
  • water tank with float which keeps required level of water,
  • recirculation pump ensures a constant supply of water to the panel,
  • standard sizes: 200 x 180 x 35 cm,
  • available in different sizes (bespoke).


Product advantages

  • cellulose contributions resistant to fungus and molds,
  • high cooling efficiency,
  • simple construction and assembly,
  • low water consumption

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