Infrared heating lamps and lamp holders for infrared heating lamps

Lamp holder for infrared heating lamps

It is used to protect the animals from direct contact with the hot infrared lamp.


Product benefits

  • binding with a switch allows the infrared lamp power reduction of 40%


Product characteristics

  • designed for continuous operation with the infrared lamp up to 250W,
  • have IPX4 integrity,
  • equipped with a switch and the power reduction,
  • dimensions:
  1. cable length 2,5m,
  2. width of 220mm,
  3. height of 315mm.

Infrared heating lamps

They are an excellent source of heat in the pig production.


Product benefits

  • double reflectors can increase heating efficiency by 20%,
  • hard glass is resistant to splashing and shock,
  • long lifespan y 5000h,
  • deep-working infrared radiation facilitates blood circulation, intensifies biochemical processes, metabolism, biological functions and tissue resistance.


Product characteristics

  • voltage of 230V,
  • power of 175W,
  • thread E27,
  • dimensions:
  1. the width of the bulb 123 mm,
  2. the height of the radiator 170 mm,
  • type of bulb:
  1. a ruby red double reflector,
  2. a transparent,
  • durability 5000h.

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