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Controller SK1-SW2

Controller SK1-SW2 is designed to control 2 ‘ridder’ type lifts that regulate the location of the air inlet and outlet valves. SK1-SW2 can work independently or be combined with the climate controller as a complement to the climate control system. One can connect up to 2 lifts that will work independently.


Technical data


Type SK1-SW2
L Voltage Un 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption <8 W
Output Motor L 230 V/1,2 A
Output Motor R 230 V/1,2 A
Control output OUT 0-10V 20mA
Time-delay fuse 0,1/250 V
Time-delay fuse 0,5/250 V
Time-delay fuse 2 x 1,25/250 V

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