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Controller SK1-WDP

Controller SK1-WDP is designed to control a group of fans with current consumption up to 10A and ‘RIDDER’ type lift regulating position of air-flow inlets and outlets. It is possible to increase efficiency to 20A by additional usage of digital power block BM-2D. Thanks to the use of switching station BP1/7 in the system, we can control heaters and additional degrees of ventilation with airing fans. The device has an control output of 0-10V for controlling ventilation flaps, analog blocks or analog power relay boxes.


Technical data


Type SK1-WDP
L Voltage Un 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption <8 W
L' Regulated current 10 A
OUT 0-10V Analog signal 0-10 V
Output 1 isolated 230 V/2 A
Output 2 isolated 230 V/2 A
Alarm isolated 12 V/2 A

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