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Power extension BM-2D

Digital power block BM-2D was developed as an additional component of the ventilation control system in livestock buildings. It allows to increase the amount fans connected to a single controller. The device is used in buildings, where the air demand is bigger than capabilities of the driver. Power block BM-2 D is a digitally controlled device. This means that it can be used only with drivers having digital transmissions such as SK1 driver. There is communication in both directions between the controller SK1 and the power block BM-2 D. This allows the controller to receive information such as the failure of the device. Any fan regulations, such as minimum, maximum speed, etc., are entered with the driver. The settings also apply to all fans connected with the controller and power unit.


Product characteristics

  • alarm indication in case of equipment failure or loss of power,
  • choice of device number seen by the driver.


Technical data


Type BM-2 D
L Voltage Un 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption <2 W
L' Regulated current 20 A
Time-delay fuse 0,1/250 V


  • IP54 type of casing protection,
  • voltage 1~230V (-15% / +10%), 50Hz,
  • maximum permissible ambient temperature 40°C,
  • minimum permissible ambient temperature -20°C,
  • maximum relative humidity of 85%, the non-condensing,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • interference immunity in accordance with EN 61000-6-2,
  • harmonic currents in accordance with EN 61000-6-2, to a maximum of 4 A current limit values are maintained without restriction.

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