AZW-1 device automatically opening air inlets

Emergency Power Driver ‘Wind AZW’ has been developed to ensure the safety of farm animals. In case of power failure resulting in fan operation stop, often animal suffocation occurs. This risk can be significantly reduced by opening air inlets and throttling valves of ventilation chimneys in case of power failure. The purpose of this device is to open air inlets and outlets after specified period of time from the power failure, running the gravitational air flow through the room. Breeder can sleep peacefully and not worry about his livestock while using the AZW control system.


Product characteristics

  • digital input-output to work with dependent control devices, such as digital power block BM2D, digital relay block BP1/7, two lifts driver SW2,
  • can select time at which valves will be opened in case of power failure,
  • able to use transformer ~ 24V,
  • battery power supply for lifts in case of an emergency valves opening,
  • analog signal input from the controller IN 2-10V,
  • analog control output 0-10V for ‘RIDDER’ type lift,
  • analog control output 2-10V for EGM-100A lift,
  • +24 V power output,
  • power input IN ~ 24V for the transformer.


Technical data


Type AZW-1
L Voltage Un 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption <8 W
Output current +24V 2 A
Control output OUT 0-10V 10 mA
Control output OUT 2-10V 10 mA
Time-delay fuse 0,1/250 V
Fast protection 8/250 V


  • IP54 type of casing protection,
  • voltage 1~230V (-15% / +10%), 50Hz,
  • output 12V, current max. 2A,
  • maximum permissible ambient temperature 40°C,
  • minimum permissible ambient temperature -20°C,
  • maximum relative humidity of 85%, the non-condensing,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • harmonic currents in accordance with EN 61000-6-2, to a maximum of 4 A current limit values are maintained without restriction.

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