Alarm devices with text message notification to multiple phones

The alarm panel A-1 was developed as a system of monitoring the operation of the climate controllers. It detects the presence of grid voltage and the presence of all controllers connected to the input "LINE". The alarm is equipped with a siren indicating no power or open circuit in controllers connection. In addition, the alarm can be equipped with a GSM module that allows sending text messages to selected phone numbers (max. 3) in case of an alarm. In the absence of voltage 230V alarm uses its own battery.


Product characteristics

  • 2 x LED panel,
  • function button „TEST/RESET”,
  • input "LINE" to connect the drivers in a serial manner,
  • output "SIREN 12V" to connect the siren,
  • output "GSM EXPERT" to connect the GSM module, in order to notify authorized persons about the situation via text message,
  • line circuit break and power failure alarm,
  • ability to choose the time at which the acoustic alarm system will work in case of power failure,
  • able to choose time at which the text message is sent,
  • alarm backup battery when in case of power failure.


Technical data


Type A-1
L Voltage Un 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption < 8W
Output current  SIREN 12 V 2 A
Output current +12V GSM 0,1 A
Output 1 isolated 10 mA
Output 2 isolated 10 mA
Time-delay fuse 0,5/250 V
Time-delay fuse 0,1/250 V


  • IP54 type of casing protection,
  • voltage 1~230V (-15% / +10%), 50Hz,
  • output 12V, current max. 2A,
  • maximum permissible ambient temperature 40°C,
  • minimum permissible ambient temperature -20°C,
  • minimum permissible ambient temperature -20°C,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • interference emission in accordance with EN 61000-6-3,
  • harmonic currents in accordance with EN 61000-6-2, to a maximum of 4 A current limit values are maintained without restriction.

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