In addition to standard equipment, Wesstron has a wide range of products applicable in livestock buildings. The livestock doors produced by WESSTRON are a simple and durable solution used in modern livestock buildings. The construction of the sash made of welded, closed channel sections, filled with a 3.5 cm thick PVC profile, ensures excellent stiffness of the door. The sash is mounted to the frame by means of three stable and adjustable hinges with fixing strips. All door elements are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The windows offered by us are made of PVC, they are perfect for rooms in buildings in difficult weather conditions.

The additional equipment includes concrete grates. The use of grate floors also increases the purity of pens, reduces the level of humidity, prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms or parasites. In addition, the grate system allows easy and effective disinfection, which ensures a high hygienic standard.

Another condition for maintaining hygiene in livestock buildings is the efficient discharge of animal manure and water used to keep the premises clean. The sewage system by Wesstron is a simple, effective and at the same time safe for the environment system used to remove slurry from bedding pig houses.