The optimal management of the microclimate of the livestock building is a determining factor in achieving the breeder’s success. All age groups of pigs react badly to too high content of harmful gases, low or high temperature, high humidity and drafts. Excessive moisture is the most common problem in most pig housing. The walls, ceilings and floors become damp, which accelerates the degradation of the building. In livestock rooms, it is necessary to ensure optimal air exchange while maintaining all other parameters of the pig’s fattening house atmosphere (humidity, temperature), as well as the discharge of separated carbon dioxide and ammonia. The lack of proper amount of fresh air clearly affects not only the decline in the welfare of pigs, but also slows down the physiological processes, reducing the obtained production results.

In addition to the fans, there are used  cooling and heating systems in order to regulate the optimum temperature level.

In our offer you will find a wide range of heating and cooling devices that will allow you to adjust the room temperature to different technological groups of animals while optimizing the energy costs that affect the profitability of breeding.