We design buildings for pigs and poultry. We carry out technological, construction and executive designs.

The technological project contains the following information:

  • group of animals to which a building relates, e.g. a fattening house, a stud, a hen house,
  • production scale,
  • animal maintenance system,
  • method of ventilation and heating,
  • watering and feeding system,
  • sewage system.

The construction design is a complete multi-branch documentation necessary to obtain a building permit.

Contents of the construction design:

  • architectural and construction design,
  • electric industry design,
  • sanitary industry design.

Each project is agreed with appraisers in terms of fire protection and in the scope of hygiene and sanitary requirements.

Executive design

We carry out comprehensive designs of reinforced concrete, masonry and steel structures that facilitate the correctly carried out structure at the construction site. We make detailed drawings of reinforced concrete elements, executive and workshop drawings for steel structures and develop material lists. Detailed executive drawings are also the basis for the exact cost estimate of the investment.