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A feeding curve is divided in daily dosages. A daily dosage is divided in hourly dosages in the feeding schedule. An hourly dosage is divided in portions. In the morning, at the scheduled time, the system distributes a portion of hourly dosage. The system, according to schedule, provides by portions the first hourly dosage.

Hourly dosages are set by a farmer, who divides a daily dosage in portions, according to established by himself proportions. Having eaten the first portion, a sow is given the subsequent portions up to the moment when the dispenser distributes the whole hourly dosage.

According to schedule, a sow must wait for the next feeding hour. In the case when the dispenser distributed the whole hourly dosage, the light diode goes white. In the case when a sow does not eat its hourly dosage, farmer has the possibility to omit the next hourly dosage by pressing the red communicator.

The communicator goes red. The red communicator goes out when the time interval of omitted feeding is finished. The cycle repeats up to the last feeding hour according to schedule. The omission of the dosage can also be done by the means of Fetura Cloud application.

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