The basis of success in pigs breeding is a properly running breeding process. The main goal of every breeder is to obtain from the sow as many piglets as possible. The first step leading to success is very good genetics and careful selection of sows. Production conditions are greatly influenced by living conditions of animals, as well as efficient work organization. To meet the expectations of the customer, the company Wesstron using its experience and knowledge provides individual pens of their own production, providing optimal living conditions and ergonomics of working with the sows during and after insemination.

The breeder, with full control over the animal, is able to ensure good condition of the sow, which positively affects the process of ovulation and implantation of embryos, and thus the number of piglets obtained from one sow a year.

The sows should be properly nurtured and very precisely fed. The result of any deficiency may be a smaller number of egg cells ready for fertilization and a higher percentage of dead embryos. In the period of insemination, the role of boar, which acts as a stimulator of sows, is invaluable. Adapted corridors and the appropriate arrangement of the gates guarantee the free movement of the boar.